Adding value through software innovation


We develop, integrate, host and maintain software.

Software development

We build enterprise-grade software platforms, ecommerce solutions, websites and apps for businesses and startups.

Hosting and Maintenance

Offering fully managed elastic application hosting, we take hosting one step further and make sure all your systems are running smoothly.

Technical consulting

Providing software design, architecture and performance consulting, as well as technology strategy and planning for your business.


We help companies bring their systems together, integrating them with each other to increase the added value and help them focus on core business activities.

We develop tailored software systems, provide technical consulting and help with strategy and planning for your business.


These are the platforms we work with.

Web & Cloud Development

.NET, Java & NodeJS

Desktop Development

Windows & Mac

App Development

iOS, Android & Windows Phone


Meet our ever-growing, hard-working, software-crafting, coffee-loving team.

Matthew Gaffney

Developer and problem-solver who loves a challenge. Strives to write simple and elegant code built on modern frameworks.

Patrik Lundqvist

Addicted to working with front-end technologies and is the teams own AngularJS expert.

Johan Sakbas

Handles all things business at WooCode. Passionate about software performance and enjoys working out of cafees.

Kristoffer Schroeder

Tech guru with strong Google-Fu and can-do attitude that handles all things tech at WooCode.

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